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Tripper Getem - Alien Muzik 2

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Tripper Getem - Alien Muzik 2

So if you've visited my blog at all since the start of it, you've probably realized I post a lot of Tripper Getem's (formerly known as TripperOnDaTrack) albums and mixtapes. His mixtape Alien Muzik was the reason why I started to listen to his music, specifically the track called Alien Muzik. He released his debut album Alone In The Dark: Last Boy On Earth in June 2010 on Unlimited Records, which included the prostitute-slaughtering "internet hit" track Meat Cleaver. Alone In The Dark was a good album, but a mere 6 months later Tripper dropped the album titled This Is Tripper, alson on Unlimited Records. This is when he really stepped his game up, relying less on gore-splattered lyrics and relying more on personal lyrics and Slim Shady LP-like beats (Not that I don't enjoy hearing someone spit about stabbing bitches).

So here we are, 9 months since Alone In The Dark and 3 months since This Is Tripper. Back in July (I think) of 2010, Tripper announced he was working on a sequel to Alien Muzik. He posted a few tracks on youtube he recorded for Alien Muzik 2, but eventually he scrapped the mixtape for the time being due to not being satisfied with the way the tracks were turning out. He announced that he would be working on Alien Muzik 2 again a bit after the release of This is Tripper. Around that time I sent him a handful of my beats, later to find out he'd be using one of them for the opening track. After an intro consisting of the THX movie intro and Tripper saying "And this is the music that aliens listen to", comes that track titled AM2. Now I don't mean to be bias on this, but I really feel like this track was a great one to start out with. The only time I had ever heard anyone flow over any of my beats was just messing around, so it was great to hear someone do something serious with one of my beats. One of the opening lines is one of my favorite lines in the entire mixtape; "You can call me great, put E-S-T right behind it, remove great and put a B [...]" saying he's the greatest and best without directly saying it. He also drops references to the original Alien Muzik track with lines like "Alien Muzik, you can not refuse it" and "The smell will be putrid, we gone need to Renuzit". The track is overall solid and he flows over the beat effortlessly. I've gotta say it's certainly one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape. The next track is another great track, titled Rakin In. The beat on this track is hard hitting and catchy. The style switches up quite a bit on this track from the title track. This song is what one could describe as a "swag banger" type track, but it still has a spacey feel to it like the title track. The chorus in this track is simple but great, consisting of "Bitch I'm rakin in, (Swag) Bitch I'm rakin in, (buh)" repeated. I don't have much else to say about this track other than the fact that it's one of the star tracks on the mixtape. The next track, When I Swag is another great track. The beat is tight and it reminds me of Lex Luger's style (Lex Luger is one of my favorite producers, I might add). Beat Geeks did a great job on that. Tripper let's haters know what's up on this one. He informs them that he's "swagged up" and takes shots at them saying they're fake and that they pretty much don't have shit on him. Once again, another solid track. The next track is a cover/remix of Travis Porter's Make It Rain. I think I prefer this to the original, but then again I haven't listened to it as much as this one and I don't really follow Travis Porter. Tripper swags all over this beat as usual, and he even references being based. Not my favorite track on the mixtape, but nonetheless it seems to fit in order with the other tracks before it. The next track is an interlude called Spig The Alien. Here Tripper introduces Spig (Tripper talking in a funny/higher voice). Spig lets Tripper know that his last track was talking about making it rain, but that it doesn't rain in space. Tripper then tells him to "Shut the fuck up". I actually love it when mixtapes or albums have funny interludes, and this fit perfectly as a laugh between the first 4 tracks and the next 4. The next track is 30 Thousand, produced by Tristan On The Track. The beat has a low somewhat Dr. Dre like hit in the background with another "swag banger/trap" style track. This track's lyrics are more of the gang-life style, talking about running up and shooting people and such. This is another one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape, it stays consistent with the swag/trap style that's now evident in the mixtape. Now the next track has to be one of my top 3 favorite tracks on the tape, it's called Bossed Up. The track starts out with Tripper repeating "I be bossed up" with the occasional "Swag" thrown in. Then he moves on into the line "Tripper Getem, swag on infinite, I don't write checks, my money is illiterate", which I assume he's insinuating that he has so much cash on him he doesn't ever need to write a check. Then he states "This ain't a game, I ain't talkin Xbox, my flow go hard like the items in a sex shop, I'm sick like a toilet at the rest stop, think that you can stop me? Hit me with your best shot (BOW)" which just rolls off like liquid. Then later comes the line "Bitch I'm winning, call me Charley Sheen" which gave me a bit of a laugh due to Sheen's recent outbursts. Then soon after that he states "Boss like commander, Great Alexander, I see you, you can't see me, Chameleon-Salamander" which has to be another one of my favorite lines he drops in the song. He later says he's "Based in this bitch like Lil B The Based God", which in case you weren't aware Tripper has released 3 Based mixtapes. The next track is Next Level, which is a great track but not my favorite track, but it's still really good in my opinion. The track was originally recorded for This Is Tripper, but it fits perfectly in Alien Muzik 2. He even references This Is Tripper in one of the first lines. The track is pretty much about how Tripper is on that next level shit; he's on a different level than other rappers. The track after that is Waizat. This track has a sick bass heavy, almost hypnotic beat. The beat is also produced by Tristan, and a Lex Luger influence is evident again. Tripper's flow is as sick as usual. The track is pretty much about how in the club is where it's at, and the the reoccurring thug-life themes. Not a terrible track at all, but not as much sticks out about it as some of the other tracks. The next track is another interlude of sorts, called "The Outtakes". It's vocal outtakes of tracks on the mixtape, as evident in the title. I laughed at "What the fuck is looseleff?!". After that comes Slowed Off, a track that he leaked on Twitter a month or so before the release of Alien Muzik 2. Another Tristan produced track. The chorus is "I'm slowed off, I'm slowed off, I'm slowed off, sippin on dat syrup mane" repeated, that coupled with the beat gets catchy and stuck in your head. The track has a overall tight feel to it. It's more of a club-style track compared to the other tracks before it, except Waizat. Next comes possibly my favorite track on the mixtape, In My Zone. The beat coupled with the reverbed vocals makes for a trippy feel. The hook of the song goes "And I be sippin on that slow, here I go, here I go, I'm in my zone, I'm in my zone, I'm in my zone, so far gone" which is pretty much repeated in this downward spiral type flow. In fact the whole song has this sort of downward spiral feel to it. I can imagine smoking to it would be nice, even though I personally don't smoke. Overall, the track is completely stellar and fits the Alien Muzik theme perfectly. The next track is V.I.P.. This track is a catchy pop style song. It might seem out of place to some, but if you keep a constant sound throughout a mixtape sometimes it seems like the songs run together, making you forget some tracks. Having a different style track in between seems to cancel that out and adds "texture" to an album or mixtape, so I feel the song is appropriate where it is, even if it's not one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape. It's not a bad song at all, it's just the mixtape has songs that are much better in my opinion, feel me? The next track is another one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape (I've probably said that for nearly every track by now) called Touchdown, and it goes back to the trap beat/trippy style. The lead on the beat reminds me a bit of the beat on Waka Flocka's Hard In The Paint. The best line on the track in my opinion is "All these people saying that your boy is off his rocker, I just wanna shock the world but I'm not Silkk The Shocker". In case you weren't aware, Tripper is a big fan of Silkk. The next track is another remix type track. This time, Tripper flows over the beat for Snoop Dogg's track called Wet. The beat is tight as you know if you've heard Snoop's original, and Tripper flows over it just as well as ever. I really don't have that much to say about it besides the fact that he didn't ruin the track by any means. The next track is another interlude called Spig's Shirt. Tripper and Spig went shopping and Spig wanted to know how his shirt looked. Random as hell and made me laugh. The next track is another track that is a style that's different from the rest of the mixtape, but it's a good track. It's called Freakshow, and it sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of a Tim Burton film or something of the sort, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It has this theatrical feel to it, and it's pretty much about Tripper's "Freakshow" and other gore-ish themes. It's an overall solid and catchy song. The next track called pause didn't stick out much to me, not a bad song but it still fits with the rest of the tracks. The track seems to be another track to the haters. The next track called Talk Shit is another solid track with tight production. The track reminds me of Gucci Mane a bit, but it's not completely biting his style. He actually mentiones him and his phrase "BURR!" in the song. As the title pretty much indirectly states, it's another track to his haters and their shit talking. The next track is called Na Na Na is pretty much how no one is fucking with the level Tripper is on, and another track to the haters it sounds. The beat's tight, the flow's tight, it's an overall solid, great track. I like the chime/bells in the background of the beat. The next track is the last interlude, and it's called Spig Quit's. Tripper and Spig are playing a game and Spig keeps getting killed so he get's pissed and goes home, pretty funny. The next track was leaked on Youtube awhile back, called LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and an early version of it was on Tripper's discontinued 2009 mixtape called Treezy. I much prefer the new version of it, but both are tight. The beat has to be one of my favorites on the mixtape, it has an arpeggiated guitar sample in the background. The track is pretty much about how Tripper laughs at his haters because he doesn't give a fuck. The next track, as the mixtape is near its closure, seems perfectly placed. It's called Shoot Me Down, and it's a Lil Wayne remix/cover. The track is pretty much about how Tripper is frustrated with people only coming around when his success showed up, and that people on his label seemed to not take things seriously. "So many words, that I could probably say, and the words I wanna use I can't find today, see I can't stand a muthafucka who hates, just imagine how many dreams a hater can break, but if you got haters then you must be great, and if everybody loves then your ass is fake". Tripper says this on this track, and I feel it's the best line on the track because it makes a lot of sense to me. Tripper's flow seems Eminem-like on this track. Great track. The last full track is called The Bestest. The track seems like a good closure to the mixtape. The title is pretty much somes up how Tripper feels on this track. He feels like the best, or "The bestest". The beat is simple, but it certainly works. The final track is an Outro. Tripper gives a shoutout to everyone who was involved with the creation of the mixtape. Tripper reminds us that "This is the music that aliens listen to" and then the mixtape ends.

Easily, this is Tripper's best mixtape. This is his most solid mixtape since Dat Trap Ishh. I think I enjoyed Alien Muzik 2 just as much as This Is Tripper, and possibly even more. But the thing is, they aren't really comparable. Yeah, obviously one is a mixtape and one is an album, but the styles portrayed on them are so different. If you're just getting into Tripper, I recommend you download both his albums, Alien Muzik and Alien Muzik 2, and Dat Trap Ishh, then move on to the All Day Based Series and everything else.

Overall, I give this mixtape a 10/10 because I can listen to it from start to finish without skipping a track. All the tracks seem properly placed and none of the tracks are boring or terrible. Honestly, if this mixtape gets enough exposure it could get Tripper Getem recognized on a higher level than he already is. If you've been a Tripper fan since before Alone In The Dark, you will definitely see the growth he's had artistically and skillfully comparing Alien Muzik 2 to This Is Tripper, Alone In The Dark, and the original Alien Muzik mixtape. Not to mention, this is all in a little over a year's span. Imagine what Tripper's 3rd album will be like, or perhaps Alien Muzik 3? Anyways, Download Alien Muzik 2 if you haven't already and remember, "THIS IS THE MUZIK THAT ALIENS LISTEN TO"


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